24 Hour Key Extraction Service

Did you break your house key off in the lock? Then you’ll need a house key extraction service right away. All Keys Locksmith Services is always on hand to come get your key out of the lock whenever you need us to. We serve the entire city of Los Angeles, so no matter where you are, we can get out to you as soon as possible. We understand that jamming your key in the lock is frustrating.

Worse still, if not taken care of quickly, it can throw off your entire day. Even if you can enter your house from another door, you should not leave the problem to linger. A jammed lock presents a security risk. Instead, call All Keys and schedule an appointment for us to extract your key. If needed, we can even repair your lock or make you a replacement key right then and there. We specialize in all residential locksmith services.

Safe, Affordable

The great thing about hiring a licensed and insured professional locksmith to work on your locks and keys is that you don’t have to worry about us damaging your property. We’ve been trained in the process of safe key extraction, and are able to complete this service quickly – usually in a matter of a few minutes. 

What’s more, we don’t take advantage of your emergency by charging exorbitant extra fees for the “late hour” or “complicated problem.” When we quote you a price, that’s what you pay. Period. Choose All Keys for honest, affordable, reliable locksmith services.


 [ WHO WE ARE ] 

All Keys Locksmith Services is a 24 hour mobile locksmith service provider operating in and around the Los Angeles area. Popular with locals, we’re known for being a company you can trust when your locks and keys fail you. We deliver fast response times, affordable prices, and above all, quality service. We aim to keep you secure in your car, home, or commercial space. And we do that by training hard, working hard, and knowing our stuff.
As a licensed locksmith, we guarantee damage-free work completed by a professional that takes your security, and that of your family and property, to heart. Creating safe homes, safe cars, and safe businesses is the bread and butter of our work. If you have a problem with a lock or key, you can always count on All Keys to be there with the help you need.
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